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Lunker Duck
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Reprinted from Midwest Outdoors October, 1999, Fishing History by Dan Basore:  Its long been known that many ducks are eaten by fish.  L.W. Gray's Waterfowl Survey in Western Ontario reported that "Northern Pike predation on duck broods in Whitefish Lake is extremely high."  F.M. Uhler's report to the Northern American Wildlife Conference states that, among predators on ducklings at the Patuxent Research Refuge, very big largemouth bass, pickerel and snapping turtles have caused the greatest destruction.  Charlie Porter, Jr. former head of the North American Wildlife Federation, and member of the Illinois Conservation Board, now host of the Sportsman's Show of Chicago and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sports Show, in a recent conversation stated, "Its long been known that ducklings in particular and even some adult ducks are heavily predated by northern pike and muskie."
The Indians Knew
Its a well known fact that the Indians, whether Crees in Canada or Seminoles in Florida, have a lot of hunting and fishing secrets we'd give our eye teeth to learn.  When you practically live by hunting and fishing, you have to be good at it....  It was a lucky day that I discovered Isaiah, an old Cree Indian guide, whitling a little duckling from a chunk of wood.  As I watched, he hung some hooks from an old plug on it and dabbed it with dirty yellow paint.  I aksed what it was, and he said, "see-seepsis (Cree for duckiling), him catchum big fish."  I ended up trading him for it.  A couple days later, when I wasn't getting a strike on anything, I tried Isaiah's duckling, and on the second cast I tied into a big lunker pike.  A couple of even bigger ones grabbed the duckling before the day was over....  This gentlemen went on to manufacture and sell a plastic version of this lure in the 1960's called "the Cree Duck," which is now a rare collector's item.
We've all heard or even seen episodes of large Muskies eating ducklings and other waterfowl.  When LBC began I decided to carve duckling lures, and my creation met with raves...and smirks!  It also catches fish!  Put on one of these and hold on, or just pick one up for a collector's item or gift.  Its hand carved from solid basswood, has thru wire construction, and double tied bucktail on a 5/0 Mustad hook.  This lure will have both your friends and the fish looking twice.



Lunker Ducks are $35.  Contact us for availability.