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Maker of fine Muskie lures and home of the Lunker Duck!

At LBC we make only a limited number of extremely high quality Muskie lures each year.  We do not mass produce baits and sell them at exorbinant prices.  We make lures of the highest quality with the best materials we can find.   All our wood stock is select, high grade maple, oak, cedar, basswood, poplar, and pine.  We use high quality components like Eagle Claw and Mustad hooks, Bucher extra strong or Wolverine triple split rings, heavy .094 stailness steel screw eyes, all brass sleeves, .051 and .062 stainless steal thru wires, double tied bucktail, etc.   All our lures are custom painted setting them apart from mass produced baits or those found in many stores.  They are given at least two coats of clear coat for an extra hard finish.  Some of our baits incorporate innovative designs and assemblies to enhance their performance and separate them from similar lures, while other lures are classic, reliable designs that have been proven over the test of time.  To some people these lures are collector's items, but to us they are made to catch BIG MUSKIES -- tough and reliable.  We hope you will get the chance to "tie one on" and lock up with a Lunker!

Muskie Lures made by serious Muskie fishermen for serious Muskie fishermen.